Caitlyn Davis
    School Director & Mentor GuideCaitlyn Davis
    Caitlyn grew up unschooled with her 5 sisters in rural USA. She believes strongly in the power of a learner-driven education. She has brought her background as a grown unschooler to her work to disrupt paradigms and create learning communities where all members, young or old, are able to experience choice and freedom in their learning journey.

    Her work is focused on designing and implementing learning programs and processes to fit the needs of small communities of learners and homeschooling families or co-ops. She has worked as a guide and consultant in K-12 innovative learning programs in 3 countries (US, Guatemala, Romania). She has also worked as an English as Second Language coach for children ages 3-18 in the USA & Guatemala. She and her husband moved to Romania from Guatemala to work at Acton Academy Bucharest in 2019. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and researching the latest and greatest ideas in education.