Elementary Studio GuideJULIE EASEN
Julie grew up in Sydney, Australia where she studied Economics and Law, practising as a solicitor. Julie embarked on six month’s travel through New Zealand, Fiji, America and Canada before relocating to London to work in banking. After three years in London, the bank transferred her to Hong Kong to expand her role. She enjoyed the challenges of working in a different country and cultural environment, leading and participating in regional projects, building and managing teams, mentoring team members and colleagues and rolling out training programs in Hong Kong, Asia and to outsourced partners in India. Julie and her husband enjoyed exploring Asia, especially living in Hong Kong where their son and daughter were born. Julie and her family returned to the UK in time for her son to start primary school and it was then that Julie’s journey in education with her children truly began. Julie’s son found the traditional school environment challenging, and in early 2017 Julie and her husband made the decision to home educate him, and subsequently their daughter. In taking responsibility for her children's education, Julie’s passion for learning and thirst for knowledge continues, developing fun and challenging ways for her children to learn and develop into knowledgeable and responsible individuals. During this journey, Julie organized various courses and projects with the home-educated children in her community. Julie is excited to be part of the Acton Bucharest team, inspired by this special community to continue to foster and develop a love of learning, curiosity and confidence in children.

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