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Hello, I am Ben! My journey in education really started when I was 10 and unable to read due to dyslexia, considered a trouble maker and deemed far behind all of my peers. My parents sent me to an alternative school where I progressed to an academic age of 14 in a single year. It was then, at the age of 12, that I knew I wanted to teach. Because I knew then that if I could make this great leap, so could others. My journey in education has taken me from North Carolina to China, Guatemala, and now Romania. In all of those places I have seen success in students that are self-driven and confident. This is what has brought me to Acton. A place where young adults are encouraged to be themselves, struggle, fail, and get back up. A place that puts emphasis on the idea of “learning to be” rather than learning to repeat. I am thrilled to be here, nervous of the new experience, and beyond excited to observe your young learners blossom!

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