Claudia Malcomete
Acton Apprentice GuideClaudia Malcomete
Ever since I can remember, I have been exceedingly fascinated by people that were working with children: teachers, nannies, daycare workers, and I knew this is what I wanted to do when I grow up. The ambition to work in education has grown over the years, led me to getting a CELTA and made me who I am today. I now have more than 5 years of experience working as a teacher, an assistant and activity leader over the summer in various camps in Romania, with the British Council, and abroad. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in primary and early years educations to broaden my knowledge and better support children’s journeys. I enjoy working with children the most because they are small superheroes, they remind us, the adults, that we shouldn't take life so seriously, and sometimes it is just better to think like a child.

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